Judy Sindecuse

Board Member

Judy is a visionary leader with a proven track record of starting companies and making them profitable, delivering the highest possible return on investment. She has an exemplary ability to identify and profit from niche markets. Judy is well-organized and efficient, with major strengths in business development, profit and loss responsibility, budgeting, business turnarounds, and the development of solutions for any organizational challenge. She is the founder and CEO of Bride and Groom Magazine and brideandgroom.com; founder and former CEO of Oversees Colorworks and Printing, an international marketing and print brokerage management company; and founder and former CEO of Redesign, a real-estate development company.

Utilizing her strengths in new market and niche market identification, as well as early-stage company leadership, Judy has shifted her expertise to Information Technology identification and investment. Her primary interest is in utilizing her extensive background with business and strategic development to select early-stage companies that possess the highest probability of success, and provide these companies with a mentorship program that will accelerate their profitability and growth for the purpose of wealth-building and long-term sustainability.