Pranav Sitaraman

India Management

Pranav Sitaraman is the Business Development Director for CEdge India, adept in the art of growing and sustaining businesses in an ever growing cross-functional global market. Pranav's focus is on building and expanding CEdge's portfolio clientele in the Nothern part of the hemisphere.

Prior to getting on board with CEdge, Pranav has been involved in the field of Marketing and Advertising for over 10 years, handling international accounts out of China, USA, Dubai and Singapore with his dossier representing fundamental sectors in FMCG, Automotive and Technology. Pranav most recently worked with Alivenow Digital & Creative Tech to help augment creative tech properties on platforms using AR, VR, interactive videos and other engaging assets to leverage technology as a medium of communication for a lineup of associations inclusive of Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Harman International, ITC, Vodafone and Toyota to name a few.