Allen Cain

VP Business Development


Mr. Allen (Al) Cain is the CEdge Senior Business Development Director where his goal is to assist CEdge in growing and becoming an even more excellent enterprise. Before coming on board with CEdge, Al for 15 years worked at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) as an Assistant Vice President, Senior Project Manager and Operations Business Development Manager. In these roles, Al managed numerous multi-million dollar projects around the US in the Federal Government, US Military, and Civilian Government arenas. He also successfully researched ways and means to bring more business to SAIC. As part of business development, Al effectively managed and supported development and submission of proposals responding to multi-billion dollar and multi-million dollar requests for proposal from numerous and diverse clients. Prior to joining SAIC, Al spent 30 active duty years in the United States Air Force (USAF) during which time he progressed from Airman Basic ( AB or E1) to the top enlisted rank of Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt or E9). All of Al’s USAF active duty time was spent in communication installation/engineering, communication acquisition, communication contracting, and communication technical advisor to legal staffs. He worked on projects with all North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) governments and militaries, all US Military services throughout the European Theaters and all 50 US State Governments and US Military Posts/Bases/Camps/Stations within those States. Before joining the USAF, Al started his “journey in technical communications” as a telephone lineman with Southern Bell.