Prakash Rao

Board Member

Chief Architect and Advisory Board Member

Prakash Rao has 40 years of experience as a researcher, innovator and entrepreneur involved with startup, management, product innovation and evolution of three different companies; as a teacher and trainer for Enterprise Architecture for the US Air Force for three years and a faculty member at the FEAC Institute for more than 7 years, and an early pioneer, consultant and practitioner of enterprise architecture for more than 25 years. He has also served as a Director on the Board of InfoSpan Corporation - a startup that he cofounded and was later venture funded, and as President of the Hampton Forest Homeowners’ Association - a 557 single family home development in Fairfax VA.

With a first degree as an Electronics Engineer, Prakash started his professional career at Honeywell Corporation in the Corporate Technology Center/ Computer Sciences Center after completing graduate studies in Computer Science at the University of Minnesota. He worked in several R&D and managerial positions before he left to start his own company.

Prakash is the co-author of two books on Enterprise Architecture and one internationally published book on Data Warehousing published by McGraw-Hill and Que/MacMillan respectively and has presented at many conferences in his professional career. He has also co-authored several conference papers on various topics of Enterprise Architecture, Technology and Management Consulting.

Currently he is the Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Sherpas LLC in Fairfax, Virginia. Enterprise Sherpas LLC provides mentoring and coaching in the use of rapid EA techniques for competitive advantage and to fuel corporate fire-fighting efforts using innovative tools, technique and methodologies.

Prakash Rao has been actively working in Information Technology since 1977, and in Information Resource Management since 1988 with more than 30 combined years of experience in computer science research and development, modeling and simulation, software engineering and lifecycle management, departmental, corporate and executive management and strategy, enterprise architecture consulting, training and coaching. He has been involved in the training of more than 600 enterprise architects at the executive, management and staff levels over a period of three years at the US Air Force and several hundreds more as a faculty member at the FEAC Institute.

Prakash is a Certified Enterprise Architect with an MS in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and a BSEE from Bangalore University, India. He is a member of several professional societies and participates actively in outreach and advocacy for enterprise architecture amongst startup professionals, as well as seasoned corporate managers and the lay public.