Community outreach


CEdge’s recognizes their responsibility to both their customers as well as the various communities in which CEdge operates and to that end has been an active catalyst for good corporate citizenship through various initiatives such as customer centric activities, STEM programs, NDTA & AFCEA Programs, St. Louis regional entrepreneurs, as well as civic responsibilities.


CEdge has been a consistent volunteer in helping local organizations in raising funds for STEM activities, CEdge helped raise $360k in funds to support the STEM initiative for local high schools through AFCEA, NDTA and Innovate STL. CEdge sponsors St. Louis Priory Entrepreneurial award every year that is given to a senior who wins the competition. 

As a member of the USGIF’s St. Louis Area Working Group, CEdge strives to help the St. Louis region become an area of excellence to foster geospatial education and grow expertise by advocating for a geospatial curriculum at K-12 level and integrating with STEM programs. Sekhar Prabhakar is the K-12 subcommittee lead for the region. 


CEdge’s commitment to local communities was validated by their efforts in helping Joplin, MO victims by collecting of toys and clothing for the children affected by this terrible natural disaster. 
As a part of the local NDTA Scott/St Louis chapter, CEdge redesigned the entire website and has hosted the chapter website, at no charge, for the last two years, which was recently recognized by the worldwide NDTA President. Sekhar Prabhakar was presented with an award by VADM Brown at Union Station for his services to NDTA on October 10th, 2017. 


CEdge helps the AFCEA St Louis Chapter as event chair for Midwest Cyber Symposium and served as an integral part of the Exhibitions, which raised over $40K for scholarships to help students attend college from past two years. 

We also supported the Summer interns program for local students attending Virginia Tech, Boston University and various local High Schools. This initiative provided invaluable exposure and prepared these students with entrepreneurial skill sets to develop their innovation and problem-solving skills. 


As part of our civic minded responsibilities CEdge CEO Sekhar Prabhakar serves as chair on economic Coeur’s Economic Development Council helping promote business initiatives. 

We also recognize our responsibility to assist local start-up companies by providing mentorship for IT entrepreneurs in the St. Louis Information Technology Entrepreneur Network organization. 


TejHospitality's mission is to provide arts & crafts to local St. Louis area hospitals to make children's stays more comfortable.We like to support internships and voluntary work in hospitals.