CEdge Software Consultants, an innovative IT consulting firm and a strategic business partner, offers IT solutions to federal and state government, as well as to commercial enterprises throughout the United States. As an HP Enterprise Services protégé firm, CEdge Software combines knowledge, experience and professionalism to offer a variety of solutions for your IT needs. We pride ourselves on working as collaborative partners with our clients to understand their business needs and design IT solutions that resonate with both the business and the user. CEdge understands that security is the most important element whether you are exploring solutions for federal or state government, your city, or are looking at an integrated business solution for your enterprise. Drawing upon years of collective business, Information Security and network engineering expertise, CEdge devises comprehensive enterprise Information Security strategies to protect you and your business. In a market full of similar competition, CEdge offers something different. Whether you’re looking for a company with expedited acquisition capabilities, low cost solutions, a culture of innovation and interoperability, or overall integrity—we’re here to help you seize opportunities, to keep you on the cutting edge of technology, and to propel your organization forward in pursuit of the cutting edge.

While CEdge primarily offers consulting services, we understand that sometimes client needs may vary and to serve our clients in best ways possible, CEdge is focused on building solutions that are based on open source technologies offering a significant ROI to its clients.  We offer a large suite of custom-designed, Real-time Managed Security Services.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Enterprise Architecture, Strategy, SOA

  • Enterprise Data Management Solutions & Business Intelligence

  • System Integration / Application Development & Web

  • IT Infrastructure Services & Service Desk

  • Information Assurance & Cyber Security

  • Mobile Applications Development

  • Staff Augmentation