A database design is an important component of any IT solution that supports and automates business processes. Coming up with a concise and an extensible database design serves as the foundation for all IT systems. A good foundation allows for efficient and extensible systems that add a great deal of value to a business, while a poorly designed foundation can make it cumbersome to maintain, nightmare to expand, or worst yet run the constant risk of a collapse. Since many aspects of a database system depend its core design, an efficient and flexible database design is of paramount importance to ensure adequate support for existing as well as future business requirements.

Benefits of a good database design include

  • Efficient support for complex and interrelated business processes
  • Lower cost of database ownership
  • Consistent availability of data to support business operations and decision making
  • Reduction in redundant data storage
  • Increased productivity
  • Avoidance of inconsistent data
  • Effective building blocks for decision support and data warehousing

Our database consultants work on cross platform technologies including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Our experts can customize your system to enable faster execution of business processes, thereby improving productivity. Our tailored database design solutions create the right foundation for the business and ensure scalability to support business growth

Our approach for database design involves participating in joint application development sessions with users and application development team during the analysis phases and collecting business requirements. These business requirements are translated into logical entities with attributes resulting in the creation of logical data models utilizing data modeling tools such as ERStudio and ERWIN.  The logical models are further refined based on discussions with application development team and converted to physical data models. We utilize best practices/standards outlined as part of the data architecture for naming conventions and in the creation of data dictionary and data models.

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